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Name: Rechsand Fu Sheng sand type III

Features: water blocking

Advantages: selective penetration

Oil-permeable and water-resistant proppant as the name suggests, the water is being obstructed. Using the interface modification technology to achieve selective penetration.

The usage of Fusheng Sand Type III in Daqing Oilfields China has being over 10 years as of 2019:

0.4 tons of oil and 1.6 tons of were produced per day, the water content being 80%. After the oil-permeable and water-blocking proppant was introduced, the daily oil output is 24 tons and the water output is zero percent.

As of 2013, FSS-III has carried out field test on 68 wells, water control efficiency of 95%, the average daily increase of 3.8t, 9.3% of water content, the average valid period of 9.8 months, the average single well within the validity of the cumulative increase in oil is 1117t, total accumulated fuel of 75970t.