FSS Type I

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FSS Type I

Name: Ren Chong Fu Sheng sand type I


1. High Strength, Low density

86MPa crushing rate of only 1.69%, 69MPa crushing rate of 1.08%, in line with SY / T5108-2006 standard 69MPa crushing rate of less than or equal to 6% of the indicators.

2. Good Conductivity

Due to acid resistance, anti-fracture, surface light, and high pressure

3. Acid Resistance

FSS-I is more acid resistant compared to ceramsite at high temperatures and pressures

4. Low Friction

Fusheng sand effectively reduces the wear and tear of proppants on the pipe string, sandblasting machine and elbows, improves the scale of once-down conversion, reduces the operating cost, shortens the construction period, reduces the risk of engineering accidents and improves the overall reconstruction scale of horizontal wells.

FSS-I Proppant Field Applications

PetroChina Daqing Oilfield (30,000 tons), Changqing Oilfield (14,000 tons), Jilin Oilfield (50,000 tons), Chuanqing Drilling, Bohai Drilling, Sinopec Shengli Oilfield, North China Branch, East China Branch, Northeast Branch, Extension Oilfield and so are Rechsand’s long-term partners. In the major oil fields of major oilfields, gas wells and horizontal wells, a total of more than 3,000 wells were used in a total amount of 100,000 tons of sand or more, which achieved good economic benefits in increasing output and reducing costs.